Phoenix is a French alternative rock band started during their childhood by Thomas Mars, Deck D’Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz in the affluent suburb of Versailles, in the same culture that produced late-90s bands such as Air and Daft Punk.

The name Phoenix was officially chosen in 1996 when Laurent Brancowitz permanently joined the band after the end of the short-lived band Darlin’ he formed with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who eventually became Daft Punk.



Buying local and organic DJ’s is better for you and the environment. Maybe not the environment, but it’s certainly a great choice to make. In Toronto, we get to see a lot of amazing DJ’s, but who are we going to see? Let’s take a look at some amazing local DJ’s who are playing some techno, minimal, deep house, and progressive.

His musical style is listed as house, tribal, techno, and all beats that rumble. He has 2 full length albums called “Delicious” and “Canada’s Finest House”. This man has been touring Canada for more than 10 years with a schedule that ranges from rotating residencies at Hotel, Footwork, The Guvernment, Comfort Zone, and more. When he steps behind the decks, the only thing holding him back from leaping over the equipment are the knobs on the mixer. He is an amazing DJ, and must be closely watched.

Simon Jain
His musical style is listed as electronica, house, and progressive. He is from London, Ontario, but currently lives in Toronto. He started with the rave scene in his hometown, then moved to Toronto where he held residencies at the underground club Film. Now he holds residencies at Mod Club, Sound Academy, Comfort Zone, and The Guvernment. He has played alongside Richard Dinsdale, Dave Spoon, Laidback Luke, Sarah Main, James Talk, and many more. I have personally seen him many times and his sets are seamless, and full of innovation. There is no question of his skill and charisma. Check him out at

His musical style is listed as techno, crunk, and house. He is another London native, but has quickly moved on touring across Canada and through-out the mid-western United States. With over ten years of promoting and DJ experience, he has become a major presence within the electronic music scene, and now works with GEM events, one of Canada’s major promotion companies with Craig Pettigrew (Circa). He has played alongside techno legends including Richie Hawtin, John Aquaviva, Mark Farina, Sebastien Leger, Derrick Carter and many more. He has also been working in the studio and has been catching the eye of international DJ Damin Lazarus with his new remix of the song Dominatrix. I have seen him many times and he has the ability to adapt his sets to whoever he is playing with. He is talented and always puts on a great show.

I picked out these DJ’s to spotlight because they are all hard working, have deep roots within the electronic scene, and have never been “too cool” to have a quick chat after a great set. If you hadn’t heard of them before, you won’t be able to miss them now, their names are plastered all over every poster in the city.

This is my new mix. I appreciate all feedback on mixes and articles.

M.A.N.D.Y. is coming to Toronto and they are bringing Berlin with them! 

The sound of M.A.N.D.Y. is fluid transitions bouncing from some techno, minimal, deep house, and electro. They tour the world with their GET PHYSICAL record label that includes the world renown Booka Shade. This is an absolute must see. Seeing them at an intimate setting such as The Social on queen west will be an amazing and surely radical experience.



Opening sets by

bangers and mash


Marco Glasman has humble roots based in Toronto throwing parties with his pals at York to becoming one of the most sought after promoter/dj managers in Toronto. Currently working with: The Social, Courthouse, Up on Carling, and soon to be moving into bigger venues. Much more to come. This guy is radical.

Tired of getting drinks spilled on you by assholes that think they are better than you? me neither. But these guys are at least throwing parties that are good enough to ruin my dim mak shirt at. Check out their shit.
cody lekush
marco glasman


Monday nights at the social have withstood the test of time, so lets take off our shirts and dance behind that infamous DJ booth. 



I cant get enough of these guys, the only way me and my friends can describe their tracks is basically picturing riding on the back of Falcor soaring through the air. It sounds deranged, but its how I feel.


I haven’t heard the cd, even though someone bailed on being cool and legit, then leaked it.b I hear its good though. Maybe I will go see them now, I love Toronto.fist-of-god-pic



if you have seen him play, you know how good DJ's are supposed to be.

if you have seen him play, you know how good DJ's are supposed to be.